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Hey World,

Hope everyone is doing great! It’s been a long time but I wanted to write a post so you know I’m alive. This is a random one. So…I like the zoo. Yeah, I’m a young adult in her twenties and I really, really, really like going to the zoo. I mean really like it. Sigh, glad to take that off my chest.

So anyways, every time we (as in my sisters and I) go to a big city  and my lovely sisters ask, “Where do we go?” I always volunteer say, “let’s go to the zoo!” Most of the time my sisters humor me and take me to the zoo. However, it’s usually accompanied by moans and frowns until we get their. I on the other hand already planning what animal I want to see first. I really like the giraffes and then the tigers and lions and elephants and then all the other animals! I really like the lemurs but, I get a little freaked out with the apes. I think they are a little creepy. They watch you with so much emotion in their eyes…creepy.

I think what hits me most is how crazy different they are. I mean they are living creatures that look so crazy awesome. I guess sense they are not the norm in our country they seem so exotic (which they are). People don’t get to go to the zoo in other countries and see these beautiful creatures. My parents didn’t see any of these animals until they moved to the US and took us as kids. They knew of them but, never seen a living, breathing real life one. I remember as a kid my parents would take us to the zoo a lot. They enjoyed it as much as we did. My sisters was the monkey of us all. She would run up to the cage or enclosure and climb up it. If she could I bet she would of jumped over and tried to pet the animals. But, my parents would always catch her before she did something stupid. I don’t think she remembers any of that. I still do.

What brought my confession and my memories of the zoo was actually a trip to Branson. My sister and I where really wanting a day off and we headed out to Branson. We where debating on where to go and I, of course, said the zoo. This happen after my Silver Dollar City suggestion got shot down. I’m actually the only one in the whole family that likes theme park rides (go figure). As we got near the city she glance at me and said, “Chely, seriously where are we going? I take you to the zoo but don’t ever ask me again to go their with you again.” I looked at her and I finally decided yeah, we will go to the zoo another time. I told her fine we will go shopping instead but, we would go to the Memphis zoo next time and see the Pandas and eat some good bar-b-q after (she doesn’t like bar-b-q but the rest of my family does. Winning!). She sigh and we drove to the mall.

Like I said totally random and without a point. But, I Aracely, like going to the zoo!



life update

Hey World,

How is everything going? it has been a long time. I’m going to try to post more frequently. I actually think of great post and write them down but they  just don’t ever transition to the blog. LOL! Oh, Well. Today I wanted to give a sort of update on life. So, I am currently working for  cellphone company. I really enjoy working with customers and I will leave it at that. I also had my hair chemically straighten. It finally got use to it but, I am having trouble figuring out what to do with it. It just lay flat…Yeah.

Another thing that I’ve been doing is trying to read. I’ve been having trouble getting into new books. I keep on re reading all these other books I’ve already read. Like 100 time! However, I can’t get over some of my favorite stories. I NEED TO READ A NEW BOOK!

I also have picked up writing again. I started to write another chapter to my fanfiction story. I has been really hard to get back to it but so far I have a page done.

In the future, I also have decided to move to a town 3 hours away from home. I am going to go to a school their to finish my degree. I have to finish it.

Also, I finally made a successful cupcake but I flopped on the icing. I need to work on that. I seriously love baking and cooking. I sometimes wonder why I didn’t just get a culinary degree. But I rather be a teacher.

So far that is really all I can think of that has been changed in my life. So…what’s you life update?




Hey World,

I was thinking about the memories I made this year. I also was thinking about the funny ones that I will retell always. Let me share a few.

Their is this really funny one that I keep remembering today. We really didn’t have money for Thanksgiving. Our fridge was basically empty and I didn’t get paid until Friday…or so I thought. It was a sweet surprises looking at my online statement and finding out that I got paid. OMG! I was freaked out. I drove straight to Wal-Mart and called my sisters to join me. We bought everything we needed  for Thanksgiving. Well, when we got home we filled up the fridge and low and behold the sodas didn’t fit. We didn’t know where to put them. So we got the bright idea to put them outside. It was a really, really  cold week and I figured they would get semi cold. My mom got home and made an amazing dinner. So as we sat their my other sister asked about the sodas. By that time, I had totally forgotten about the drinks. So I told her that they were outside. She gave me a weird look and open the door to the back yard and walked out. She came back in with a hand full of cokes and we all just started laughing. We ate and had nice cold drinks. That memory still make me smile.

Another memory that I will always have from this year is the week before Christmas. Our uncle (not by blood but, he still family) came to visit. It was the last night he was going to be in town. So we played some Kinect and them we all decided to play, “heads up.” Now here is the, “i’ll never forget,” part. so it was my brothers turn and my uncle got up and started doing karate moves withe the karate chop and the high ya and everything. I turn around and looked at my brothers heads up. It said, “karaoke,” I looked at my sister and they had a down founded look. Probably the same one that was on my face. Now this happen in a matter of seconds maybe minutes, that all this went down. My brother yelled out, Karate and went to the next one. My sisters and I just looked at each other and then we heard, “crap.” coming from the couch. Yeah, it was our uncle. He looked at us and he was like, “did that say, what I think it said?” We died. It was so funny. we died laughing.

I will always cherish these two memories and a few others that come to mind. It has been a good year over all. It has been a good year. How about you guys?





The Question…

Hey World,

For some reason I have been thinking about the question many new people in your life ask. You know, “What do you like to do?” or What are your hobbies?” and the classic, “What do you like to do on your free time?” I usually like to ask people what their favorite color is because I think it’s funny. LOL! But through the years I think my answer to this question have change. I think I use to say I like being active, playing sports, writing, photography, and reading or something along the lines of that. Then I keep on thinking what I like to do now. What makes me happy. You see, I like doing things that are for me stress relievers. Something I enjoy doing that will take my mind of whatever is going one. Also, something that won’t get me in trouble. So you won’t find a dare devil here.

So getting to the point I like to cook/bake, read (that will never change) and see TV shows. To begin, cooking and baking. Yes, their is a difference. I really like to eat but what really makes me happy is cooking or baking something really good and enjoying it with my family. So, I really like baking. I have this awesome chocolate chip cookie recipe that my family beg for (recipe on the yummy tab). The thing is…I really don’t like chocolate chip cookies.  DUH, DUH, DUH!!!  I’m more of a white macadamia nut cookie person but I really don’t have a sweet tooth (side note: my mom like oatmeal raisin and my dad love snicker doodle, of course my sisters and brother love choco-chip). So, I make them for them because I really like baking from scratch (even if I don’t eat them). Second, I really like reading. I think a lot of us love reading. Specially on a fresh summer day under a tree; laying on a hammock (YES PLEASE). I just love how you can literally forget the world around you and get completely consume in the story you are reading. Finally, TV shows. So I’m a little of a TV junkie. Don’t think I sit around like a couch potato and see TV. I usualy miss all my favorite shows because I work on those days/nights. I have key shows that I totally love seeing and I like watching cooking shows. So my Key shows I try to keep up with are, Gray’s Anatomy, The Originals, Vampire Diaries, The Mindy Project, and Hart of Dixie. The first one is both my sisters and I favorite. The first three are also my sister, Maggie’s favorite and it’s funny when we all watch the show at different times because one will find out something and they can’t say but they get all emotional about it. So that is fun. I also like seeing shows my friend watch which Vampire Diaries is one of them. Furthermore, I have Netflix and Hulu so that’s something I do on my down time too.

So their it’s out. My three latest hobbies. Have you ever thought about what you like to do and what you use to do? It’s crazy how it all changes…how you change.



Lights out

Hey World,

Okay, so yeah I have been seeing and reading lots of dystopia lately. It’s everywhere  and it’s so awesome. It also has been making me wonder and ponder and think some more. What if one of those dystopian futures really awaits this world. What if our infinite great grand children have to go threw something so awful. How will they survive and will they have to go on years and years trying to rebuild, trying remake a semblance of what we had? I hope not. I also wonder what kind of person I would be in that type of …life. Would I be one of the weak ones that died off easily. Would I be one of the nerdy ones that was needed by the strong. Or would I be one of the strong ones?

I was watching this show called, Revolutions and it was basically about how all and anything that had a bit of electricity or electrical workings suddenly turned off. So no electricity at all. Cars stopped everything turned off. Their was so way of communicating with anyone. No flights, no boats, no running water, it just simply off. Then it fast tracts 15 years after the big shut down and how all of it just fell apart. The United States as we know it cease  to exist and it all became a historical novel. One with feuding “territories” with warriors that fight with sword on foot or horseback and printing presses . It’s a great show and I totally recommend it.

So it was that show and others and of course the books like, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and other such books. that got me thinking. I want better future for my greats. I want those flying cars. LOL!

I know you guys have been bombarded with futuristic stuff. Not sure what you guys have been thinking. But, I hope not a zombie filled future.






Heat it up baby, Heat it UP!


Hey Friends,

Its been a long long long time but I finally have something I wanted to share. I was listening to a sermon by the ladies of Hillsong Church. They call their group Sisterhood. Isn’t that beautiful! So I never heard a Hillsong sermon. I love their music but I guess it never really happen. I didn’t really have any expectation, I kind of really didn’t want to hear it. I was like, “okay I’ll give it a shot and if it is a bore I’ll listen to another podcast.” Yeah, I had to stop it and continuously rewind it to take note because, yes I did stop and got my pen and paper. OMG! It was so good! So what I needed. It filled me with so much hope and knowledge and purpose. Girls, you have to download these podcast (Hillsong sisterhood).

As you can see the title of the podcast I heard is, “Heat it up baby, Heat it up.” It started with a little story about Matt from survivor and about how something in survivor (the show) always has a little speech that fans remember really well. Fire is life.  And here is where she bring her point.

Fire is life. God is God in the fire.

God has shown Himself in the fire in so many critical and important parts in the bible. He has shown his huge power with fire. He was God in the fire. (God is so cool!)

Matthew 25:1-13

She opens her sermon with the parable of the ten virgins. Okay, at that point I was like…wait fire…virgins…? So here are my notes and what I learned.

PLEASE READ THE PASSAGE! click it and it will take you to where you can read it.

The Bridegroom is of course God and he is late. We are one of the bridesmaids waiting for the groom.
Their are the wise bridesmaid. The five that had extra oil that were prepared and knew he was going to be late.
Then their are the other five bridesmaids. The foolish bridesmaids, that didn’t have enough oil to last the wait and missed the whole wait.
We have the torches that represent our love for the bridegroom and how we stay in love but for some it gets snuffed out.

At this point of her explaining the basics I was like. Breath…Think…soak it in…WOW!

then she goes to the next passage and slowly it starts clicking…

Matthew 5:16 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

And after that passage she asked… Is our light well lit? Are you on fire for God?

She gave example of peter how Peter said he was on fire for Jesus and how he would die for him and would kill for him and then… he denied him.

Is our fire external or internal. That is the real question. Are you foolish or wise?

A Foolish bridesmaid represent

  1. Unprepared: didn’t have enough oil
  2. Wrong Expectations
  3. Differ from personal responsibility (tries to borrow…Tries to borrow faith)
  4. Lets the darkness engulf her
  5. Complacent

The Wise Bridesmaids represent endures, outlast, are the ones that are invited

  1. Devotion (reading the Bible)
  2. Prayer; that is how we communicate with God. because prayer is a Refining fire. (have the Lord’s Prayer in mind)
  3. Be renewed: renew your mind. let it be renewed. Phillipians 4:8
  4. Finds Community: It’s hard, you must work hard to find people you can trust and be trusted to help you in your walk. That you can invest in and they invest in you
  5. Right expectations: care about God Jeremiah 29:31. See God as an awesome, giving, loving God. Think well of God.

2 Timothey 2:7

Endure the Dark! Be encourage to keep going to wait to be a wise bridesmaid as we wait for our groom! It’s hard but we can do it. We are strong with Him. Be on fire for Him! What does it take? Fan that flame! and Like she said in her closing remarks, “Heat it up Baby, Heat it up!”






Hey World,

Time is the thing I feel is the one thing that unites us all and really makes us humans. It’s the one thing we all must live in. Happy New years everyone. This year I feel that time is passing threw really fast. Maybe because I’m older or maybe because I feel I haven’t accomplish much. But I need to get on the wagon and start slowing things down and like the saying goes, “take time to smell the roses.” So, as many of you do every year. This yearn I also have decided to make a few new year resolutions. I want to share them with you so that in a sense I have you cyber world as a witness, a accountability partner to keep me on tract. The first one is to post on my blog at lease once a month. I want to post every 26th day (I was born on a 26). I want you guys to know my progress in my goals and to give out my opinion on topics. My Second goal is to read at lease a chapter of the Bible. This month its a Proverb a day. I started with a Proverb because it is what many people suggested. It’s full of wisdom. I have already learned a lot. However, It has been really hard. I really want to dig in and learn what it means for me and how to apply it to my life. Continuing with the spiritual stuff. I also want to pray everyday. Just a little time everyday to just let God know what is up. I feel like I never really stop and make time for Him. Another thing I want to do is read at lease one classic book  this year. I have all year! Adding to that I want to read one book a month (my choice). Furthermore, I want to go to the gym once a week (Claus: I can make it up in a week by going 4 days in a week. Just in case I don’t go a week). Their are a few other things I want to do but I’ll tell ya about it as I work on it. Wish me luck!




Hey World,itunes_CountryMouseCityMouseCover
I was trying to imagine my living in a big city. I think I would hate it. However, I think I might like it. Okay that sounded confusing but let me explain. So to explain why I was trying to imagine this and how it led to the like hate thing I need to explain from the beginning. So I am considering going to a university in Miami Florida… I am from a little town in Arkansas. I went to Florida for a somewhat vacation and yeah I loved all the stuff their but got stressed out with all the traffic and rude people (everywhere). No southern hospitality…NONE. Beautiful but kind of lonely and annoying. So this school is their and I would need to be their for at minimum a year and a semester. I live in a town where its a little bigger than hole in wall town. It’s not like some of the little-er town around us that have one stoplight in the whole place (or anything else). However, its little compared to a city. I mean I grew up with everyone and I know most of the people in town. I like having small chats with people you see and going to the lake and walking outside. I like that I can leave my car unlocked and I know no one will steal anything. I like knowing someone will stop me and give me back whatever I dropped. I also like that their isn’t a constant police activity at night.  I like that most people go to church and are mostly okay with everyone. I also like the dress trend and how no one is really all that into looking their best. I also like that almost everyone likes to hunt, fish and camp. I love that once you know someone  and click you are greeted with a hug when you see them.  I also like that people say excuse me and open the door for you. I love that almost everyone is friendly by nature. Sigh, gosh I’m making my town a heaven on earth. Of course we have our bad side; no one is perfect. However, I am a small town southern girl and I just can’t see myself living in a big town. Sure I’ll love some things but never love living their. I know I will love the university and the church family and what I’ll learn and the new friends I would make but I think I would be counting down the days I would finish. I would be so homesick. Sigh, I think about it a lot but, I think it may be something I need to do because it would make me a better person, mature me in a sense. I don’t know yet about anything but I’m gonna let God lead me. He will know when I’m ready. God bless!



I think…

Hey World,

I love to read a good book. I think anyone does but that doesn’t make you a big reader. You can go without. I use to be a big reader and I really like reading the stuff the author post on their page and how they got their inspiration etc. Its a journey per say. I know this is declaring myself a super nerdy but I knew that already and you do too. Anyways, theirs something I notice that all authors put on their page. They tell readers  that want to get some advice in writing a book to “read a lot of books and keep on reading a lot of books.” I always thought that, “of course we want to and do read a ton of books.”  But their was a point in my life that I stop and all those amazing stories running around my head slowly stop. To the point that the stories I actually wrote down are half finished forgotten. I try to keep writing but I don’t have that constant imagination running like I had.

The reason I’m writing this is because I finally found a book I couldn’t put down. It was amazing. I felt so full of emotion and connection to the book and its characters. It was awesome; it felt like dejavu. I went to the authors page and read that little line again and I got it. The reason why my inspiration, my imagination had died out was because I stop feeding it. I had given up on books and it in turn had given up on me. So today so many days, month and years later… I get it. So now I have to get back on the wagon and start getting nerdier because I want to read and I want to write again.



Lent of sorts…

Hey world,

It has been a roller coaster of a few month. I feel empowered but at moments a complete failure. I fasted for the first time (Daniel style). I fasted a little over a week by not eating meat. For me a big meat eater it was really hard to imagine a day I wouldn’t have some meat at every meal. However, I told myself I would and with Gods divine grace and mercy I did it. It was hard at times but I did it. It was such a great accomplishment. I was so happy because I was asking God for something specific and he was gracious enough to bless me with my hearts desire.

Now I’m giving up soda…I’m not a big soda drinker. Okay let me rephrase that. I love drinking soda and will drink a ton but I won’t go buy it. So if my parents buy it or I go to a restaurant and order one that is when I chug it down but I won’t buy it an if no one else buys it for me I will not drink it and not really think about it. Its just when its present. So lately, my sisters have been going out to buy it a lot and buying me some. Also, my parents have been having it in the house and I have been in soda heaven. LOL! So i decided to start exercising and trying to eat healthy. Yeah, the first thing to go was soda. It has been hard for this pass week but so far successful! I have been drinking a ton of water and have exercise 4 out of the 7 days of the week. Which is a lot more than my non existing exercise routing. Though I am not specifically doing it for the Lord. I sort of am doing it with HIm because I want to do it to make my self healthy and I can’t do it without HIM. I have some bad eating habit and slowly I’m tackling them with HIS help.

I’m a little anxious to do another Daniel fast. It was awesome How God was their and faithful and so real. Its  telling God, “yeah that burger or that steak is so good but I want you more.” Hopefully I can get the courage to do it again because it wasn’t easy  but I know it was so worth it! Love you guys!



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