The Roller coaster called LIFE

Hey World,

Well today was and is a trying day for me. Have you had does day were you just want to run away? Well, today is that day and I’m at the point of a break down. So what’s a girl to do? Read, pray, hope for tomorrow to come a bit faster and remember that that tomorrow is a new day with a clean slate.

Life has those days were it just stinks and you have to in my opinion get over them and climb back up. Like that Miley Cyrus Song, “The Climb” Lame I know but her song (lyrics) are pretty true.

Some days you feel that your life is on a roller coaster with it’s ups and downs that come so quickly you don’t even see as they pass. But, what are we to do on those days? God said in Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.“He also said in Ephesians 1:11-12, “In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory.” So he is in control and we must trust in him that all that we go through is because of his ultimate purpose and that it will all work out. That we will learn something that will make us stronger and better later on.

So how do we get off this wacky coaster? Yelling out to God for help and letting him take care of Everything…Hard isn’t it.


Lunch Visit

Hey World,

Remember those days back in elementary when your mom or dad came and ate lunch with you. It was so awesome and cool. You couldn’t hide the smile that creeped to your face as all the kids around you marveled at your parent. I’m pretty sure each kid went home to tell their mom or dad to come and eat lunch. Well, I think cause that is what I did. My mom came and ate lunch with me a lot in 5th grade. All my friends loved her…I think. My mom is a social butterfly. So she was talking and speaking her mind… to my embarrassment.

However, I always wonder. What would it be like if she came to eat with me in the upper grades like middle school, jr high, or high school. I probably be mortified. Although, if a kid in the upper grades got a cool college “young adult” coming to just hang out with them during lunch…wouldn’t that be alright? Where is the line drawn?

Today, I went to visit a girl who actually asked me to do this. Go hang out in lunch. I said okay without really thinking about it…or was it that I offered myself. Wait, let me rethink this. This girl we really connected and she said Raul visits her and other kids at lunch. By the way Raul is my boss for this after school program. Anyway, I said, “Hey, I want to go and eat with you sometime.” I think? Anyway, I didn’t really thought about it and next thing I know I am being told by my boss that, she said, I said, I wanted to go. Long story short I went today…and I was a nervous mess. Why? Well she was a high schooler. So,  I had to revisit a high school again. Enter those doors. And to add to the salad, it was my old school’s rival. Yikes! Talk about TRAiTOR. LOL! JK! JK!

While there I was pleasantly surprised to find her so happy to see me. She wanted me to meet her friends, teachers, and see her grades (which she should be proud of). It was nice. In addition, my boss and I had a good conversation were I may end up discipled by his wife.

On the other hand, I have to let you know about what went throw my mind walking those halls. I didn’t know how much high school really affected and scared me. I don’t want to say it in a bad way. But, walking those halls, I started to remember those insecurities, automatically.  I kept on looking at what I had on and how I looked. Furthermore, I kept on thinking on what people were thinking of me. I was so stressed. Even the girl I visited said, ” You look so nerves.” Which I answered with a laugh, “Cause I am girl!”  Oh well, high school scar us one way or another.

So, is it a good thing to do this? Yes. Why, cause that kid may just find you to be the coolest person ever or at lease feel loved and/or cared for. They may find that big sister or brother they may have wanted. Or they may have found their best friend. But then again they may just not like you and think of you as annoying. We won’t ever know until we try right.

Ta-Ta for now,

❤ Agg

World Dinner

Hey World,

Well, today  at my job (which is the best job ever) we did a thing called World dinner. At first I thought we would have food from different parts of the world. We…we didn’t we actually saw what most of the world would eat each day. Did you know that like 80% of the world is in poverty, and that like 10 kids die each minute from starvation? We did the statistics and we ate something near what the world actually gets. only like 15 kids ate like a normal dinner and then like 25 kids ate rice and beans with as much water as they wanted. Then like 50 kids ate only rice and had to sit on the floor. It was sad that so many people only get like a bowl of rice daily ad that is it and so much more go without anything at all. I was just sadden and felt so convicted.  I want to help these people and I want to not be selfish as I have been. I want to be grateful for what I get. What I have and What I get. I want to share what I have. I want to make a difference in someone else’s life. But the question is how…?

* sorry tons of grammatical errors.

I HATE howework! grrr

Hey world,

I have to say this. I hate homework. Not because I think it’s useless but because I think it actually helps. What? Well, it actually helps but it takes up so much time and you have to make yourself do it. That is what makes it so awful. Making my self do it. Oh, by the way I suffer (like many others) from procrastination! Yeah, lame. And people like me get headaches doing homework. GRRRrrr I can’t help it. Well, This is short. Next time I won’t write about something this lame.

Day 1

  • didn’t eat past 9pm
  • finished assignment a
  • doing an assignment
  • going to do a 10 min workout
  • hopefully going to go to sleep earlier than yesterday

Hopefully, I’ll get better tomorrow! Ta-ta

the Diary thing…

Hey World,

To be honest I didn’t really have a subject to write about. However, I wanted to get use to writing at lease once a week if not once a day. So, I came up with this lame one:Diary’s. I always wanted to keep one. Have you ever thought of that? Buying a journal and keeping up with it. I did and tried. Let’s just say most of my journal don’t get pass a week before they’re completely forgotten. I always find these cool journals and really be excited about it. Then next thing you know you have a row of 6 of cool journals in your room.

I always had a problem about writing important or personal things. I’m afraid someone will find it and read all my secrets then blackmail me or something. It’s not something I can deal with. I also don’t want people to know about it ’cause then they can look for it and know my weakness is some stupid journal. I don’t know it seem so innocent but, then it can be extremely bad.

So should we girls really keep a diary/journal? I think that it’s up to the person. I personally would love to but can’t seem to make myself be real with it. Well, until next time!

I figured it out…somewhat


As you can tell.  This poor, forgotten blog looks so much better. I started just clicking things and looking at my friend Lasia’s awesome blog and started to make my blog my own. I currently love the new look. It looks awesome! I’m going to try so hard to keep up with it. I love the new look so much that I don’t want to forget again. So many times I was about to delete it and I stopped my self. I so don’t regret it now. I love this blog now.

Well, update on well a lot of things. First, we got about 16 inch of snow here! Yeah, crazy for us Arkansans. We never seen so much snow in like forever. I lived here almost all my life and never seen so much snow. WOW, It looks so beautiful. The downfall is that in two weeks we have goon to school a total of 3 days. Yeah, that really sucks. Oh, well better safe than sorry…right?

I have had a lot of soul-searching this couple of month. I really have been confused in what direction God wanted my life to go and also some not so smart decisions on my part. I’m working on them but, I feel that the devil is playing hard ball and I’m not prepared at all. So as I look at the score board and see that the home team is losing…it makes me want to give up. But, then I think of what Jesus did at that wedding. He served the best for last. So, maybe he is waiting for me to let him have the reigns. So he can give us the game winning pitch. If only I could learn how to let those reigns go…

Sir Isaac Newton

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

William Shakespeare

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."


"Dance as though no one is watching, Love as though you never been hurt, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth."