the Diary thing…

Hey World,

To be honest I didn’t really have a subject to write about. However, I wanted to get use to writing at lease once a week if not once a day. So, I came up with this lame one:Diary’s. I always wanted to keep one. Have you ever thought of that? Buying a journal and keeping up with it. I did and tried. Let’s just say most of my journal don’t get pass a week before they’re completely forgotten. I always find these cool journals and really be excited about it. Then next thing you know you have a row of 6 of cool journals in your room.

I always had a problem about writing important or personal things. I’m afraid someone will find it and read all my secrets then blackmail me or something. It’s not something I can deal with. I also don’t want people to know about it ’cause then they can look for it and know my weakness is some stupid journal. I don’t know it seem so innocent but, then it can be extremely bad.

So should we girls really keep a diary/journal? I think that it’s up to the person. I personally would love to but can’t seem to make myself be real with it. Well, until next time!


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