Lunch Visit

Hey World,

Remember those days back in elementary when your mom or dad came and ate lunch with you. It was so awesome and cool. You couldn’t hide the smile that creeped to your face as all the kids around you marveled at your parent. I’m pretty sure each kid went home to tell their mom or dad to come and eat lunch. Well, I think cause that is what I did. My mom came and ate lunch with me a lot in 5th grade. All my friends loved her…I think. My mom is a social butterfly. So she was talking and speaking her mind… to my embarrassment.

However, I always wonder. What would it be like if she came to eat with me in the upper grades like middle school, jr high, or high school. I probably be mortified. Although, if a kid in the upper grades got a cool college “young adult” coming to just hang out with them during lunch…wouldn’t that be alright? Where is the line drawn?

Today, I went to visit a girl who actually asked me to do this. Go hang out in lunch. I said okay without really thinking about it…or was it that I offered myself. Wait, let me rethink this. This girl we really connected and she said Raul visits her and other kids at lunch. By the way Raul is my boss for this after school program. Anyway, I said, “Hey, I want to go and eat with you sometime.” I think? Anyway, I didn’t really thought about it and next thing I know I am being told by my boss that, she said, I said, I wanted to go. Long story short I went today…and I was a nervous mess. Why? Well she was a high schooler. So,  I had to revisit a high school again. Enter those doors. And to add to the salad, it was my old school’s rival. Yikes! Talk about TRAiTOR. LOL! JK! JK!

While there I was pleasantly surprised to find her so happy to see me. She wanted me to meet her friends, teachers, and see her grades (which she should be proud of). It was nice. In addition, my boss and I had a good conversation were I may end up discipled by his wife.

On the other hand, I have to let you know about what went throw my mind walking those halls. I didn’t know how much high school really affected and scared me. I don’t want to say it in a bad way. But, walking those halls, I started to remember those insecurities, automatically.  I kept on looking at what I had on and how I looked. Furthermore, I kept on thinking on what people were thinking of me. I was so stressed. Even the girl I visited said, ” You look so nerves.” Which I answered with a laugh, “Cause I am girl!”  Oh well, high school scar us one way or another.

So, is it a good thing to do this? Yes. Why, cause that kid may just find you to be the coolest person ever or at lease feel loved and/or cared for. They may find that big sister or brother they may have wanted. Or they may have found their best friend. But then again they may just not like you and think of you as annoying. We won’t ever know until we try right.

Ta-Ta for now,

❤ Agg


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