The Joy of Cooking

Hey World,

Wow, it’s been a while. Well today I was making a lasagna (from this Website Click: Lasagna) for the first time and I just finish eating a piece with my bro, mom and dad. I have to say that it was awesome! I loved it so much more because my dad and mom were loving it. My dad doesn’t like pasta/Italian food that much but he really liked my lasagna. Total confident boost. I also have made cookies! Not today but I got into a baking cookie from scratch faze and my dad loved them (He usually doesn’t like what I cook. I usually make american food. He being a hard core Hispanic… well you get the picture). Mom and dad like snicker-doodle cookies the best. I found this out after several weeks of baking different types of cookies. Kids, seem to like any type of cookie. I made kids at Ozone cookies and yeah they were gone. My next cookie phase I think is going to make cakes from scratch…well lets start small, cupcakes. Yeah, cupcakes! I’m excited. I love baking and cooking. It makes me even more happy when I cook for family and friends. That I think is my true joy in cooking. I’ll post the recipes I have made when I get a chance. Later!




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Sir Isaac Newton

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William Shakespeare

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