Christmas for reals + Finals

Hey World,

Well, it’s been a real surprise. I got a iPhone today just because. I was so happy I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t pay it or have to do pay for it now, not even the service. Crazy right. Well, I did have a stressful day. From waking up late running across town and studying. It wasn’t to bad but I do stress out specially for finals. But once I did the test it slowly started coming to me. One of the girls let me read the study questions for the one book I didn’t read on and I basically memorize it in 2 minutes because once the test started I answered all the question. Oh, I wasn’t cheating. I got to class early and the girls were their so we all studied together. They looked at me and were you know everything don’t you. I was like not really. They gave me that, “Yeah, right,” look and I said well, I don’t know, “The Tale of Genji,” so they were like oh, okay here are our study question responses and I was like thank you. Okay this is getting lame. Anyway to finish it off.  I turned in my test. He told me to turn my paper I forgot to write (my very first paper like in August) and if I didn’t I’d be okay, grade wise. WOW! I know, I was so happy. I’m going to write it anyways whats a few extra points right.
Changing the subject, I’m so excited for christmas. I have my list ready for my family and everyone else is just getting some homemade cookies, cheesecake, or red velvet cake. Yum! I’m excited. But I won’t start getting everything ready until next week (2oth). Well I have a killer headache so I’m going to let you go. Peace.




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