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Hey World,

Well, today I was looking for a book on how to sew bags on Amazon. Side note: I love AMAZON! Anyway, one thing lead to another and now I have about 10+ books on my wish list. I was wondering what all I had on my wishlist so I clicked. 75% of the things on my wishlist were books. Gosh, I never felt like such a nerd. LOL! But I wouldn’t change my wish list for the world. Yeah, I have a kindle but nothing beats an actual book. Another item in my wish list was postcards. I know, lame. But as a nerd, I like writing to. I just happen to like writing letters and notes, let’s not forget sticky notes.  Next item I found was music. I wishlist cd’s I’d totally forgotten and once I saw them again I started YouTube-ing the songs I fell in love with. Oh this one is alright…glow in the dark stars. I can just imagine your face, the “are you serious” face. well I wanted to cover my celing with those stars I only have one corner done…I need to finish that. Also, their is a futon, some DVD’s, a Polaroid Camera, Benton box’s, and electronics. Sigh, I need to find something cool to add to my wish list and I was wrong about the percentage of books it’s more like 80-90% books. Well, that’s all for today. L8r



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  1. Mary
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 07:25:14

    I hope Christmas brings all the good things on that wish list your way. I’m a new visitor to your blog but I will be back. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Blessings…Mary


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