Hi World,

Well I know everyone has heard the wonderful voice of Adele. So today I wanted to gush a little about her. I really love her soulful voice. My sister bought the CD… She told me after that all her other songs that didn’t reach the charts are awesome. “The whole CD is amazing, Chely,” she said. So one of my really good friends, Jennifer and I listen to it about 3 times in a row. The reason why we heard it is because we went to Silver Dollar City and as we drove back we listen to it over and over again because…it was so great! We got to talking about how her friends telling her, why didn’t this CD come out when he broke up with his girlfriend. LOL! Well you know, we had a great ride back to town singing to all the songs ( by then we knew most of the lyrics). As our little brothers sleep in my back sit. Well that is my little gush!




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Sir Isaac Newton

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William Shakespeare

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