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Hey World

So, I a Korean Drama Junkie, have stumble onto another Korean Jem. While watching, “The Greatest Love,” the main character quoted this poem. So of course I researched a little (basically googled it). I read several translations of this poem and their are a few that I really like. It’s kind of a love lost poem or a letting go kind of poem. Its so beautiful I really just wanted to share it.


When you say goodbye
turn aside and walk away
I’ll say farewell
and not ask you why.

I’ll gather flowers for love of you
azaleas from some springtime hill
and scatter them beneath your feet
as you walk away.

Then go
crushing with your parting steps
my humble offerings of flowers.

When you say goodbye
turn aside and walk away
I tell you now that on that day
I’ll not shed a tear.

http://koreanpoetry.homestead.com/ has a nicer translation

When you leave,
weary of me,
without a word I shall gently let you go.

From Mt. Yak
in Yongbyon
I shall gather armfuls of azaleas
and scatter them on your way.

Step by step
on the flowers placed before you
tread lightly, softly as you go.

When you leave
weary of me,
though I die, I’ll not let one tear fall.

Beautiful right! Anyway here is another poem from Mr.Kim Sowol. Its also very beautiful (of course in my opinion) and I hope you enjoy it!

Long From Now

Long from now, if you should seek me,
I would tell you I have forgotten.

If you should blame me in your heart,
I would say, “Missing you so, I have forgotten.”

And if you should still reprove me,
“I couldn’t believe you, so I have forgotten.”

Unable to forget you today, or yesterday,
But long from now, “I have forgotten.”

– Kim Sowol

Two more that I found. Remember that these are translated from Korean to English! Source: http://koreanpoetry.homestead.com/


O name shattered to pieces,
O name vanished into the void.
O name without response,
O name I will be calling till death.

You are gone before I have said
What I have carved for you in my heart.
O my love,
O my love.

The sunset burns the western sky.
Even a herd of deer sadly weeps,
Your name I call
Up on a lone hill.

I call till sorrow chokes me.
I call till sorrow chokes me.
But my voice escapes into vast space
Between heaven and earth.

I will be calling your name till death
If I should turn to stone.
O my love,
O my love,

Man Lives Until He Dies

How often do I ponder
Over what I live for?
Innocent of life as it were.
Though the stream
Empties into the ocean
I will not bend
Under the weight of
Workday cares.
Man lives and dies.
Yet I pause to think.
Like ant
Lost in building its shelter
In the warm spring sun,
I will live
Drunk with delight of living.
If man is born to live,
What should I worry?
Man lives till he dies.




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