Zonkeys and other Blessings

Hey World,


A Donkey and a Zebra mix

So today I want to talk about my day. Thursdays for me are usually really laid back. I usually sleep in and then when I wake up I do the usual (shower, clean, project, homework). My Thursday evenings are spent at Ozone. So today was really weird and busy. So scratch the sleeping in. I woke up early to go to a little job.  I went to help a child care taker. Her name in Maida and she is a lovely women. She takes care of a pair of twins that I had in my care last semester (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH). She is like a preschool teacher. Anyways, I was helping her with them so she can take them all to a little field trip. We went to this little farm that had rides and stuff. Anyway, so here I am at this place and first thing is first, the little kids got on some pony’s (little horses), it was cute. Then feed the goats and I got to hold a baby pig (piglet). After we got to see some other farm animals so horses, pony’s, Angus, camel, donkey, buffalo, bull, and a Zonkey. Yeah, that’s the one I want to talk about. The Zonkey. So what does this interesting creature look like? A Donkey with Zebra strips…yeah. It was so cool looking. Anyways, after that I went up a hay pyramid with the kids and took pictures. I really wanted to go through the corn maze. After we went on a hay ride. Our driver feed the chickens and they would run up toe our wagon. Its was so funny to see all those chicken stamped toward us. It was interesting, our driver gave us tortillas and we feed the cows and horses. The cows got so close. The farmer made a caterpillar out of hay bales. After our ride it was lunch time and then home (for the kids) they got to pick out a pumpkin and we where done. So fun!

So, that took up my morning but my afternoon wasn’t restful. I quickly went home and dressed up. I put on my LBD and heels and drove to my campus. My trio partners and I were going to meet up to do our project. We are to teach the class (music Appreciation) about a composer (Johannes Brahms). So we decided to do a talk show kind of thing. We wanted to do an interview video. It was so much fun. One of the girls boyfriend got a beard and help us out with pretending to be our composer. We laughed so much! So around 3 something we ended ( walked back to my car in heels…so proud) and I went to Sam’s club to eat some pizza. I actually meet up with one of my campers from CWE. It was so cool. I meet her mother and we talked for a while. It was nice seeing her again. She was one of the ones that got really homesick and ended up calling me mom the whole 2 weeks we where their. So at the end of all that I got home after 4pm.

Getting home was okay but, as soon as I got home I felt the weight of the day start to pull on me. I was going to rest when I remembered that we were meeting for Ozone an hour early to practice for a contest. I ended up going about 30 min late (to the practice not actual Ozone). I was so tired and out of it but I got the dance down. It was a good day and now as I get ready for bed I thought I’d share today with you guys.

God is so good. I had a pending payment that I knew I didn’t have the funds for. It has been hard on me trying to pinch pennies just getting every payment in each month. Specially when you don’t have a real job and you go to school full time. That’s the life of a poor college student. Anyways, I was praying to God just yesterday just asking him to provide. He did and it just leave me in awe of Him. He is just so good to me.  I got offered a little job (2-3 times a month) aside the one I do every Friday and it should be enough for me to have some spending money. SO AMAZING! Today was busy but, so full of  adventures and joy. I can’t thank God enough for this crazy Thursday.




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