Just a thought…more like a memory

Hey World,

When I was young I dream of having my hair down. I would see all the other girls with smooth silky straight hair and just sigh with envy. For the longest of time the only thing my hair felt was a pony tail holder. Yeah, I styled the pony tale. Once in a while my mom would fashion a french braid but that barely keep my wild and big hair tamed  I look back at my class photos and their I am. The one with the hair sticking up. To give you a better description who bad it was just close your eyes…okay, now imagine the sun…now imagine the sun as my head and yeah the rays as my hair. Better yet, imagine those magnetic things that make your hair stick up who you know what is worst. I was completely clueless about it. Up until like middle school. That is when I discovered, Gel. However, I didn’t give relief to my pony tale hair. I only put it on my hair to smooth out the rays of hair on top. So for up until high school I wore my hair yet in a pony tale. I think it was mid 10th grade when I progressed to wearing a barrette. So my hair did get  some relief but in my mind I over thought it everyday. I was never confident with my hair (as you may have notice).  It was around late, late 10th grade and 11th grade when I ventured into actually putting tons of gel in my hair and leaving it down. I was so self conscious about it.

Now, I’m still self conscious about my hair but not in the sense of fixing it but in cutting it and putting chemicals in it. Also, I don’t always wear my hair down. I find myself wearing my hair up and in a sloppy bun right on top of my head. However, I have to admit that I like my hair best when i straighten it and leave it down. Sigh, anyways this was a stupid post but I wanted to post this before I forget…

Question, have you ever had trouble with your hair or part of yourself? Past memories? Remember…Think about it…






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William Shakespeare

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