Just maybe…

Hey world,

Well, I have been thinking a lot. I really was considering making a cooking blog or a cooking channel on YouTube  Let me run down the ideas I have in mind for it. So I’m leaning more on the YouTube Channel. I was thinking of having step by step videos on regular food. Nothing complicated. Recipes for those how don’t know how to cook and are living on their own. I love cooking and my mom made sure I knew how to cook (she made sure we all knew how to cook). She would always say, “You guys are going to starve to death if I die one day.” This usually came after we either asked her to cook something for us or when we had bad attitudes when she taught us. I also want to do some complicated stuff so once they learn the basic they can progress to the complicated. In addition, some foreign food, snacks, and of course dessert. I think I need to learn to edit videos also, probably plan it out and have it all written out with storyboards and the works. I don’t know, if you have suggestions or thoughts. Comment please.  Love y’ll!




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