Lent of sorts…

Hey world,

It has been a roller coaster of a few month. I feel empowered but at moments a complete failure. I fasted for the first time (Daniel style). I fasted a little over a week by not eating meat. For me a big meat eater it was really hard to imagine a day I wouldn’t have some meat at every meal. However, I told myself I would and with Gods divine grace and mercy I did it. It was hard at times but I did it. It was such a great accomplishment. I was so happy because I was asking God for something specific and he was gracious enough to bless me with my hearts desire.

Now I’m giving up soda…I’m not a big soda drinker. Okay let me rephrase that. I love drinking soda and will drink a ton but I won’t go buy it. So if my parents buy it or I go to a restaurant and order one that is when I chug it down but I won’t buy it an if no one else buys it for me I will not drink it and not really think about it. Its just when its present. So lately, my sisters have been going out to buy it a lot and buying me some. Also, my parents have been having it in the house and I have been in soda heaven. LOL! So i decided to start exercising and trying to eat healthy. Yeah, the first thing to go was soda. It has been hard for this pass week but so far successful! I have been drinking a ton of water and have exercise 4 out of the 7 days of the week. Which is a lot more than my non existing exercise routing. Though I am not specifically doing it for the Lord. I sort of am doing it with HIm because I want to do it to make my self healthy and I can’t do it without HIM. I have some bad eating habit and slowly I’m tackling them with HIS help.

I’m a little anxious to do another Daniel fast. It was awesome How God was their and faithful and so real. Its  telling God, “yeah that burger or that steak is so good but I want you more.” Hopefully I can get the courage to do it again because it wasn’t easy  but I know it was so worth it! Love you guys!




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