The Question…

Hey World,

For some reason I have been thinking about the question many new people in your life ask. You know, “What do you like to do?” or What are your hobbies?” and the classic, “What do you like to do on your free time?” I usually like to ask people what their favorite color is because I think it’s funny. LOL! But through the years I think my answer to this question have change. I think I use to say I like being active, playing sports, writing, photography, and reading or something along the lines of that. Then I keep on thinking what I like to do now. What makes me happy. You see, I like doing things that are for me stress relievers. Something I enjoy doing that will take my mind of whatever is going one. Also, something that won’t get me in trouble. So you won’t find a dare devil here.

So getting to the point I like to cook/bake, read (that will never change) and see TV shows. To begin, cooking and baking. Yes, their is a difference. I really like to eat but what really makes me happy is cooking or baking something really good and enjoying it with my family. So, I really like baking. I have this awesome chocolate chip cookie recipe that my family beg for (recipe on the yummy tab). The thing is…I really don’t like chocolate chip cookies.  DUH, DUH, DUH!!!  I’m more of a white macadamia nut cookie person but I really don’t have a sweet tooth (side note: my mom like oatmeal raisin and my dad love snicker doodle, of course my sisters and brother love choco-chip). So, I make them for them because I really like baking from scratch (even if I don’t eat them). Second, I really like reading. I think a lot of us love reading. Specially on a fresh summer day under a tree; laying on a hammock (YES PLEASE). I just love how you can literally forget the world around you and get completely consume in the story you are reading. Finally, TV shows. So I’m a little of a TV junkie. Don’t think I sit around like a couch potato and see TV. I usualy miss all my favorite shows because I work on those days/nights. I have key shows that I totally love seeing and I like watching cooking shows. So my Key shows I try to keep up with are, Gray’s Anatomy, The Originals, Vampire Diaries, The Mindy Project, and Hart of Dixie. The first one is both my sisters and I favorite. The first three are also my sister, Maggie’s favorite and it’s funny when we all watch the show at different times because one will find out something and they can’t say but they get all emotional about it. So that is fun. I also like seeing shows my friend watch which Vampire Diaries is one of them. Furthermore, I have Netflix and Hulu so that’s something I do on my down time too.

So their it’s out. My three latest hobbies. Have you ever thought about what you like to do and what you use to do? It’s crazy how it all changes…how you change.




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