Day 1: relationship status

Hey World,

So day one of blogging challenge has arrived and I think this one is a biggie. Why? Well, I will warn you…I have a soap box on this topic. I am single.  I have been for a while and…I really like it that way. So, I think I should be honest about my relationship experience. I have only had one official boyfriend…that I broke up with after like a month or two. Maybe, I should go a little further than that.

I was raised in a very strict Christian home. I wasn’t allowed to do many things. I couldn’t talk on the phone to my friends. I couldn’t go to anyone’s home or they to ours. I wasn’t allowed to listen anything but Christian music and I was definitely not allowed to play with boys. It wasn’t proper. As a child, I just took things as they where. I didn’t know any different. I was happy and content to follow all the rules and I didn’t think beyond that day. My dad was happy. However, the day came when we all (by all I am including my 2 sisters) hit when we became teenagers. Lets just say that my dad’s little bubble of rightness deflated… slowly. I never dared defy my dad. His way or the highway. He was scary and he was (still is) the pastor of the church. His family was the example. Okay, I think you get the gist. Anyways, he never let us play with boys and never let any boys near us. So when I started to actually be attracted to boys. It was and still is a weird, unknown, awkward feeling. I really just didn’t know how to act around boys. I mainly have female friends.So in my one sole act of defiance I somehow got a boyfriend.

How? you may ask? Well, the old fashion way. I told my friend in complete confidence that I thought her friend X was cute. The next thing I knew she had wrote him a small note telling him is he wanted to go out with me because I liked him. I still bet embarrassed by this moment in my life. More like mortified. Okay, so that is how my got my first and only boyfriend. I sort of asked by dad if it was okay to have a boyfriend. Let’s just say the answer was no and he made sure everyone knew that the answer was no in his sermons for like a month. I being a sheep felt guilty about dating this guy finally broke up with him. We never did anything together. We were really getting to know each other and I was so naive and embarrassed by the whole situation that I  couldn’t even hold the poor boys hand. Remember I had never had any type of real interaction with the opposite sex.

So now you know the back story about my single life. However, now I will tell you about why I have remained single. Besides the obvious fact that no one has seriously pursued me. I have said no to several guys cause it wasn’t… right. I may not be as uptight as I was or as uptight as my dad but I still hold a lot of the thing I learned. I really got Jesus. To put it laymens terms. I really believe in Him and what he taught and I really love Him. Consequently, I really believe that He has one person for me. Someone he made just for me and I for him. I think and feel  that I shouldn’t waste my first’s in several guys when he is out their. I want him to be the first guy that I hold hands with, for him to have my first kiss with, to be the first person out side my family that I love and when we get married I want to have my first time to be with him. I know that is not what people normally do now a days. But I’m not your normal everyday kind of girl. So, yeah I’m single but truly I’m waiting. So what about you guys? What’s your relationship status? =)




P.S. Also, this dude is really going to have his work cut out for him because I’m not easy and then he would have to get through my family and they are a whole ‘nother story.


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