Day 3: Pet Peeves

Hey World,

Day three is here and my prompt is m top 5 pet peeves. My sisters think this is funny because they say, everything makes me mad or tics me off. But there are a few that will put my nears on edge ASAP. So, here we go.

  1. Crunching/chewing on ice. Just thinking about it make me shiver. AHH! I hate that sound and it really gets me uncomfortable.
  2. Being ignored or left out. When  was little I was bullied by the “popular girls” I would notice kids not talking to me or avoiding me. I felt alone. Like I was on the outside looking through a window. I try to always involve people in conversation or activities and never leave people out because, I don’t want them to feel that way.
  3. Farting or burping in public. this makes me so mad when my siblings do this around the house. i tell them go to your room or the restroom. But in the family room when we are hanging out or in public. It’s so rude and disgusting.
  4. Nosy people: I don;t tell people much about me. You get snip tips of me and you know what I want you to know. So when people hover or ask to many questions it gets me so mad I get ugly sometimes.
  5. Misbehaving kids and the parents that do nothing (or think its cute)…enough said. You know, you see them at the supermarket and at the mall. GRRR!

So yeah those are some of my top pet peeves. What are yours?




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