Day 5: Food…yum


Hey World,

I feel like every topic is so hard for me to write about because I am so picky or don’t have just one. This one is hard because food is my kryptonite. I love cooking and baking and I sure like eating it. I love discovering new foods and I have a shelf full of cookbooks. So, comfort food…I can’t pick one. Goodness after those few sentences I feel I should go to the gym. LOL!

To begin, I love when my mom cooks. She has great taste in food. She can make great food and it always taste amazing. Now her baking is terrible. Please take away anything that gets her near an oven. She is a typical Salvadorian mom but she is adventures and not afraid to ask. She likes something you make she will hunt you down for the recipe. Actually, she will invite you to her home and buy all the ingredients and ask you to teach her how to make it. She will do it a few times, twink it to her liking (which usually ends up better) and wham she has a new dish! My favorites are her PUPUSAS. Man those things are amazing and no one has made them as good as her. Also, her Guisado is do die for. Let us not forget her Prijoles Charros. My mouth is salivating. These are one of my comfort food because it brings back good memories. Mom would always have diner ready after a long day at school. Also, everyone loved her cooking and I was so proud to have a mom that cooking was amazing.

Second, I really love Thai, Chinese, Southern, and Italian food. I discovered Thai when a good friend took me to a Thai place for my birthday. It changed my life and the life of my sisters. Why my sisters. They literally go once a week to our favorite Thai restaurant. They know them by name and my sisters know them by name. I on the other hand haven’t had Thai food in like 5 month. My stomach is a bit sensitive. Chinese is good but only when I crave it. Southern is something I want to learn how to make because it’s so good all the time. Now Italian would be an honor to learn how to cook really good. It is so complex at points but then so simple. I love it. I wish I could cook all of it. It all brings some type of comfort or memory.

Lastly, baking is a great love of mine. I may not stuff myself with it. I’m more of a savory eater then a sweet tooth. However, I love creating bake goods. Like I stated before my mom can’t bake to save her life. She knew this and because of it. We never had dessert. So all of us learn not to eat dessert or crave sweets for that matter.Spicy was are thing. So, I took it upon myself to learn to bake so that we would have some kind of dessert. Also, so that my future kids would know the pleasure of a sweet dessert.

So there are a lot of foods I find comfort but I find my greatest comfort and joy when I share my creations (food I’ve cooked or baked) with people. Seeing their face filled with I don’t know, with… yum.

So have you got a favorite comfort food?




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