Day 7: Toys, Toys, Toys

My favorite childhood toy?


Pig Rabbit love

Hey World,

First and foremost,  I wanted to let you know that I will only be posting on this challenge Monday – Friday. So a total of 5 days. That is why you haven’t seen any post. I posted 6 days in a row and life was getting in the way. I actually am the busiest on the weekends because I work  all weekend and hang out with my fam after.

So the question for today is childhood toy. Like all my prompts this one is hard because I didn’t have one. I have always remembered a  life with my two other sisters. My earliest memories are with my sisters in our little apartment with my parents in a low-income side of town in LA. That being said, we all shared and pass down our toys. My parents always provided the necessities but we where by far the riches or even middle class. We were raised in a strict home that almost rivaled the military. My dad was a military guy. We were taught at a young age not to ask for anything and when it they said “no” that was the end of it. One of my earliest memories was my parents telling us in the car before going to the store was “not to touch anything, don’t leave their side, don’t talk to strangers and to not to ask for anything.” If we did so help us god we where going to be punished. So as good little girls we followed the rules. They usually got  us some type of snack usually chips ( I know not healthy). My parents were not big sweet eaters so chips was always it. I think that is why we all snack so much and usually don’t eat sweets. Also, probably why we don’t have cavities.

Back to the toy situation. I remember always making stuff for my few dolls out of papers and leftover things. Bottle caps, paper, empty food containers (cereal box, cans, etc) where my materials; scissors and crayons my tools and my mind to create. I didn’t ever think about how I was poor or that other kids had more. I was happy in my own little world.

so I can’t really tell you I had a favorite toy but I can tell you I was happy with what I had. I was a little girl who loved her dolls and stuff animals and always loved hearing stories. Now i do have a favorite stuff animal. It’s a pig rabbit. It’s a cute white rabbit with a pig nose. So CUTE! I love seeing Korean dramas and one of them had that stuff animal. It came all the way from Asia and we have gone on many adventures. LOL! So what about you. Any favorite toy?




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