Day 12: A day in the life

Hey World,


Wow, it has been a minute. Well, I went from having to much time and no money to having no time and a bit more money. However, I haven’t forgotten about my 30 day challenge. It’s been bugging me but, here I am picking it up again. Can’t promise it will be consecutive and consistent. So today’s challenge is, “Bullet your whole day.”

Gosh, this is a boring one because, I totally have a boring life. Oh, well here we go.

  • 8-9 am: Wake up (depending on my work schedule) Usually at 9 am. I usually have about an hour to get ready (shower, brush teeth, get dress, eat)
  • 10am: drive about 20-30 min to my job a few town away
  • 10:30am:  work
  • 2pm: lunch (1hr)
  • 3pm: back to work
  • 8pm: off work start drive home
  • 8:30pm home: here I usually eat, do what i need to do that day (pay bills, prepare  for next day, clean clothes etc) and hang out with the fam.
  • 10pm: in my room reading or catching up on TV shows or browsing the web
  • 11 or 12pm: I usually go to sleep.

Told you I have a boring life. This coming year I want to get in the habit of getting up earlier and going to work out. At my work they are doing the biggest loser challenge and I want to win! So, I am excited about it. So, I hope 2017 is a bit less boring. What’s your day like?




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