Day 13: Oh, the places you will go

Hey World,


Here I am again trying to finish this. So, today’s question is, “Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.” Okay, so their are a lot of places i would love to visit but, if I had to narrow it down to one or two place I would pick South Korea and Italy. Of all the places you are probably wondering why two countries that don’t speak my native English or Spanish.

So, let me start with South Korea. Two words, Korean Dramas. I am obsessed with them and watch them …A LOT! If you haven’t seen the title of one of my pages you should look up. Self titled: Drama Crazy. There I have almost all the dramas I have watched. I love the story lines and seeing their cultural difference show. I know not everyone is like beautiful and they exaggerate a bit. However, i want to go to the place they film and eat the food they love so much. I want to go to karaoke and just experience the culture and country. If I could live their for a few year…I mean that would be a dream. Then I wouldn’t have to read the subtitles or wait for some kind soul to translate the drama for me.

Second, Italy. Why you may ask? Yeah, the food. I want to learn how to cook real Italian food. All of it. I want to learn the language and learn about the culture. I mean Italy has so much history. I want to soak it all up. I think the country is so beautiful and the language is beautiful. I love Italian food. My secret dream would be to travel through Italy working at restaurants, Bed and Breakfast, little mom and pop restaurants learning how to make all the delicious food. Did I mention I love Italian food? It doesn’t help that one of my favorite chick flick movies is, “Under the Tuscan Sky.” So Hollywood has influence my choice…and the Olive Garden.

So Yeah, If I had to narrow it down hands down it would be South Korea and Italy. Bucket List it! I sure have and you know what world, I will definitely go one day! What is your dream place?




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