Day 14: Memories


memoriesHey World,

Memories, something you wish never to remember and some you wish you could go back in time to relive. I replay every memory in my head. The good, the bad, and the funny. So, going back, today’s question is,”What is your earliest memory?”

Gosh, this one is a bit hard because my earliest memory I’m not sure which one it is. They are a bit jumbled up. Not sure how old I was but here it goes. Let’s call it going to pre-school. So this memory takes place in Los Angeles, California. That is where i lived from age 1-8 before I moved to Arkansas (FYI I was born in Texas but according to my mom and dad they hated it there and moved to LA when I was 10 months).  So at I probably was like 4 or 5 and we lived in these duplex apartments. It was my mom and dad my two little sisters and me. My sisters where like 1 and 2. I remember the brown apartment their where several similar duplex next to ours. Their was a gate and our apartment was the one facing the street. This part is where I get a whole bit of memories that I can’t tell happen before or after this pre-K memory. I remember my mom and dad decorating the window facing the street with lights and a little hanging sign that probably said Merry Christmas or happy new years. Not sure if it was in Spanish or English. I get clips of one of our birthday parties and I am running around playing with the kids in a flowery dress. I also remember a Christmas where my sisters and I all had matching red dresses and my mom is taking picture of us. I also remember my mom and dad waking me up and taking me to the living room, with the rest of my family, to wait out the earthquake; that I apparently was sleeping through. I remember my dad taking a picture with his mechanic diploma in a yellow crew neck pull over. Anyways, back to the Pre-K memory.

My dad was the one that took me to sign up. I remember getting this pretty pink little mermaid backpack. I loved it I keep on holding on to it and wearing it. my dad took me by the hand and we walked to the pre-k. it was around the block. It use to be a church that got converted to a pre-school. It looked like a typical church. we walked a couple of blocks and we crossed the street. I don’t think I knew why we where taking a walk but I was happy and clueless. When we go to the little school their were already parents their waiting in line. I was (and still am) a shy did and when I saw a few kids playing I stuck close to my dad. Then I saw this little boy who looked like his face was burned up (later, way later I found out he had harlequin ichthyosis). I got scared of his looks and hid behind my dad. My dad looked down and asked me if I was scared. I said no but still hid behind him. Yeah, I was scared. Then it was our turn and the lady at little desk inside the school asked my dad a few things. I really don’t know what all went on but, I remember looking around. My dad took my backpack and I remember he put it on the desk and wrote my take across the top in big caps my name. Then he gave it back to me. So, that is one of the most complete earliest memories I have.

I remember a few clips of me being in the school. However, I get them confused with other memories that have me living in a white apartment building. I can’t really place my clips of memories in time order. So, what is your earliest memories? Think back you may be surprised.





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