New Year and the journey continues…


2019 came and here we are now. I had a lot a great things start and happen in 2018. However, i don’t want to stop. I want to continue going. I don’t really make new year resolutions. I make goals. Goals for my life so they are not tether to one year. I want these goals to be something I want to do or start doing. I feel that is more realistic.

So, let’s refresh on the highlight of 2018. To begin, I went back to school! Not only did I go back to school but, I continued going in the summer and fall. The cherry on top was that didn’t get anything lower than a, “B.” Insert, happy dance. I’m not a good student. I’m dyslexic and also have trouble paying attention. My mind wonders a lot. So, I have to catch myself and keep on task. I also, have a hard time managing my time. So there’s that. Lets just say I carried multiple planners and notebooks with me. I looked like a total nerd…Any who, I GOT A DALMATION PUP!!!! My sisters and I got one each. My pup is named Robins. He is huge now but, he is my baby! In addition, I also went on my first mission trip! I went to PUERTO RICO!!!!! I still get pumped about that. I discovered that I have really good friends too. Okay, to continue, I started Crossfit and still attend. I lost weight and got my A1C down! HURRAY!!! It was a great year!

So lets continue this year with more greats! I have my new planner and notebooks. I have new goals! Lets get this year going! Here are a few of my goals.

  2. Read 1 Classic a month
  3. Get my A1C down even more
  4. Eat out less and meal prep more
  5. Sleep earlier and get up earlier
  6. Read a non-fiction book
  7. Travel again
  8. create and keep a daily checklist

Here are 8 things I want to do or start. What are your goals?




White wash? My Rant

Hello World,

Its me again. Back after a long while, again. What brought me back was something that has been bothering me. Yesterday my sister said to me after I told her one of my plans, “Chely, you are so white you are transparent.” It brought back a few memories that people have said to me that I was “white wash.”

I looked up the meaning of what this slang meant, officially. It hurts a little that my own family and people close to me tell me that, “I am leaving behind my culture.”  I love being Hispanic. My parents are from El Salvador. However, as a Hispanic American I get to have a little bit of every Hispanic culture mixed into one. that is what being a Latino Americana a Hispanic American. I don’t claim to be Salvadorian, Mexican, Guatemalan, Brazilian or any other country. I claim the united states as is my birth right. Why must I be called white wash when I am what I am. I am an Hispanic American. Goodness, I feel that I am ranting and repeating myself. I apologize.

I just want to speak for all those Hispanic born here in the united state. That have thoughtless people in there lives revoke their “brown card.” Yes we are Hispanic. yes, we do speak differently when speaking Spanish. Yes, we are Hispanic if we speak English. Yes, we don’t all like all the traditional food (though a lot of us do). Liking reading, Tex Mex, nice clothes (ex: Birkenstock aka white girl sandals) and all kinds of American music still makes us Hispanic. My brother jams to Frank Sinatra. I geek out on crafts. My one sister loves Folk music while, the other can’t cook to save her life.

What is a hispanic or a Latina/o? I am and I’m a Latina/Hispanic from the United States. I get the pleasure of enjoying this melting pot of cultures and definitely enrich the American culture with some of my hispanic roots.  What are your roots? Have you ever been called less of a certain culture by someone? Do tell!




2018 and how it started


Hey World,

2018 was a year that I waited for with great anticipation. You can call it my new year resolution year but, I won’t. Why not? Well I’ve made myself those resolutions every year and never followed through. But 2018 was different. I wrote doable goals and wrote out my game plan. I put things in place to make sure I had the tools to make it happen. The plans I had in place made me excited. I was finally going back to school. I was starting a scary, cool, gym and I actually did some life goals. I wrote 12 goals for 2018 that would get the ball rolling for the rest of my life. I even got a planner and basically had the month planned out.

Yay! right? Yeah! bring on 2018! Yeah, that didn’t happen as planned. First week in and 2018 came in rolling in punches. I got knocked off my feet and learn the meaning of fear.




Hey World,

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was in 6th grade in my home base class which happen to be science. For some unknown reason. suddenly one after another kids kept on being checked out. As the day went by more and more kids got checked out. Each time more than the last. I keep on hearing whispers of something happening. Some type of accident. The teachers would huddle in circles and talk in whispers. I just had a gut feeling something big happen. When I got home and walked into my home. I saw my whole family in the living room with the TV on. My heart dropped. I didn’t know it was so bad. After sitting down and just watching everything being replayed and then watching the towers collapse. I couldn’t hold back the tears. Our nation was attacked. Our people where murdered and for what… just because we were seen as infidels. Just because we didn’t believe like you. My grief became anger as I saw footage of these people celebrating our weakest moment. But as the day went on and the days went on my anger turned to love. Love for our people. Love at watching as the whole nation came together to pick up the piece of one of our greatest hurts. Love for everyone showing the world that we may be down but we are not defeated. Love for our nation that is us. That as the great American family we put our difference aside and came together to  become stronger. This day may have been a big hurt in our American history but we showed what an American really is. We are strong. that is the America I love. That is why I can say that, “I am proud to be an American.”


Day 18: My True love..books


Hey World,

So today’s writing prompt is, “A book you could read over and over again and never get sick of it.” O.M.G! This is a hard one. As many of you know or not know. I really love reading books. I am always reading something. Be it, an educational book, inspiration text, a fantasy adventure or even a romance novel and of course an epic sci-fi story. So, this day the prompt is, “A book you could read over and over again and never get sick of.”

I read a lot of books and some of my favorite’s are hard for me to re read because I get so emotionally attached to them… I just can’t go through that again. Like, “The Hunger Games,” series. Goodness, that pulled on my heart strings and made the tears come down. Also, the suspense had my heart going pitter, patter. I haven’t got the strength to go through that again. But, I love this series. The whole story was amazing…like WOW!

Another one that I love is all the “Tortall,” series by Tamora Pierce. In Junior High and High school, I devoured those books. I couldn’t get enough. I re read them a hundred times. I still love them. A similar series is the “Prydan,” series by Lloyd Alexander. Amazing!

However, if I had to pick one…I would change my mind every minute because their are several. I don’t know. I think to be safe I would pick right now the “Mark of the Lion,” series by Francine Rivers. This trilogy not only keeps me at the edge of my seat it brings me conviction. It really make me stop and evaluate my life and my walk with God. The main character is so relatable. Her thought’s have crossed my mind so many times. I just cherish this book so much. So, what is your book choice. What book can you read and re read and re read forever?





P.S. Current favorite book series: “A Court of Thorns and Roses,” by Sarah J. Maas series. One word: AMAZING!



Hey World,

This one is going to be short. It’s more of a thought. So, I lost my favorite bible. Actually, this is the second time I lose it and had to replace it. I say my favorite Bible because of the version and the way it is set up. It just looks cool and the version is so understandable. I usually don’t have to look up what words mean. The first time I let it go. I didn’t want to go back to the place I assumed I lost it. I was very sad but, I found another online. So my new one actually had an awesome cover. I was excited to use it and highlight all my favorite verses and anything I felt God talk to me about. So, about two weeks ago it went missing. I looked all over my home and even in my car. Tried to retrace my steps but I can not find it. It even crossed my mind that someone might have stolen it from my car. I forget sometimes to lock my car. So, I have been using a Bible that I was gifted. It is a study bible so it is big and bulky. The version is a good version (NIV) but not the one I usually used (NLT).  I wasn’t happy but, I decided to get over it and use it.

Today, I had two strong thoughts cross my mind. One, was that it was meant to be. Maybe someone has it now and it really digging into it. Maybe, they are learning about our beautiful Savior. Maybe, they are reading my highlighted verses and getting encourage. Maybe, they needed that Bible more than me. It gave me peace to know that if God put that thought and that peace in my heart then someone is taking advantage of that Bible. My second thought was…first world problem. Yeah, I said it. My “problem” was really a stupid first world problem. There are brave Christian out in the world trying to get any bible out in a communist country or, a country where being a christian can get you killed. Their are new Christian’s that have heard about a savior that loves them so much. That would risk their life for a Bible. And here I am being upset about losing my Bible and complaining about not liking the version I got. Wanting the less bulking one. Wanting the color looking one. I seriously feel ashamed that I could be so shallow. So, here I am writing my thoughts and wanting to thank God for showing me…well me. Teaching me to be grateful for what I have and for what ever situation comes my way. Seeing it for what it really is. Yep, that it. Think about it. What are you making a “problem.”




Day 17: Roses and Thorns


Hey World,

So, I hope you guys have been having an awesome year so far. Mine so far has been a big learning discovery with a pinch of determination. I didn’t make a new years resolution. However, I did decide to make better health choices. So far I have learned a lot about eating good and how it affects your body. Also, I have learned a lot about my self. I think this year is going to be a growing year for  me.

So, back to the main point. Today’s prompt is, “Your highs and lows of this past year.” I called this post Roses and Thorns because, when I was a camp counselor would go around and say our Roses or thorns of the day. Basically the highlight of our day and the low point of our day. So…yeah.

To begin, my roses of 2016 have been several but a specific one is that I went to a ton of concerts. So, in 2016 I saw, American Author, Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry, 3 Doors Down, KT Tunstall, Brandy Carlile, Alessia Cara, and Coldplay. Before that I hadn’t seen anyone in concert. So this was a great year to see great artist. I loved every minute of it. I of course had a partner in crime that went with me, my bestie Ara. It was so much fun. I still can’t get over it. My favorite of all the concerts was of course, COLDPLAY! Wow, the concert was amazing, beautiful, colorful, loud, loving, sweet, reminiscent, and so many other words! Every time I listen to one of their songs it gives me chills as I remember the moment I heard it live. Furthermore, another rose would be that I moved job locations. I still work for the same company but, I work in a different location. It was the best move I could have ever made. I was drowning in the old location. Everything was bad, like going back to high school bad. It was like breathing fresh, crisp air after surfacing from a plunge. No joke you guys. It was night and day difference and it has been a positive one. I love my job again. I’m actually good at my job again. I don’t feel like such a failure. Yeah, that was how my old job made me feel. Hence, my rose being moving jobs. So those are a couple of my roses.

Alternatively, my thorns, my hurts, my bruises are a few. One big one is that my paternal grandmother passed away. It hurt because she was family. However, it bruised more because I was bitter and did not go see her when I had the chance. The year before (2015) I had the great opportunity to go to El Salvador. That is where my mom and dad are from. I went to see my fathers dad (my Grandpa) and his sisters. You see my dad’s mom and dad are not together. It was one of those youth flings that resulted in my dad. So my grandmother lived in one side of the tracks and the grandfather lived on the other. My grandfather is actually very well off in El Salvador. My grandmother is dirt poor. That never mattered to me. Truthfully, we living as middle class citizens in the United States live better than both of them. So, like I said before, it wasn’t an issue. When I say bitter, I mean resentful. Some towards my grandmother and some towards my dad. You see my grandmother was always lying and always trying to get money. She was a huge gossip and mean to others. She was always kind to my sisters and me. We couldn’t send her nice things without her selling it for a few bucks. She would like about being sick or was dying so my dad would send her money. Later we would find out she was fine but needed to the money to bail out my drunk of a step uncle. Or to fund some lazy attempt at a business (a bakery (none of them know how to bake), a bar (my uncle a drunk), a little store (in the middle of nowhere)). She was a gossip and lied about a lot of things. She said that my step brother was involved with gangs. That he was a gangster. Poor guy was trying to make ends meet with an honest job. My grandma  was very vile to my mom when  they lived in El Salvador. Even when my mom went a few years ago. She spread false rumors about my mom and dad. My mom would tell me stories that would fire me up. So when I went to El Salvador I didn’t really think twice in not visiting her. I wanted to meet my aunts on my dad’s father’s side. My dad was bitter towards both side of his family. My grandfather treated his daughters better that my dad growing up. So he never really let us get to know them. They always wanted to know us and they had no fault on how their parents messed up. So I went to get to know them and they are wonderful. I was their only a week. I feel I should have tried to see my grandma. I am ashamed at myself for letting petty stuff get in the way of family. Family is all and you never know when you are going to lose someone. It may be tomorrow or 50 years from now. I learned a very hard and bitter lesson that year. I needed to put aside opinions and feeling and appreciate the family I have left. If and when I have a chance to see them I need to do it. Grab each opportunity with both hands and run with it because, you just never know.

So what where you major Thorns and Roses? Was 2016 a better or worst year? Let’s appreciate the highs and learn from the lows, okay. Lets use those for this new year and soak in each moment of this 2017. Love y’all!



Day 16: Music Now

Hey World,

So today’s question is, “Your views on mainstream music.” Well, I’m turn between hate and love. A bittersweet situation. Mainstream music has brought me the great Adele and the soulful James Bay. It has also brought me the fun Katy Perry and the story teller Taylor Swift. Of course I can’t forget our Queen B with her comes Nicky Minaj and Rihanna. However, I don’t like everything that is put out and some of the songs even some of the artist I mention are not that great. I wonder sometimes, “are the songs popular because of the person that sings them or are people really sheep.” I say sheep because they just like it because everyone else says its cool. My views really depend on what artist and song is on mainstream. Since, one song I will love and the other I might just hate when it comes on the radio. What do you think?



Day 15: The Big 15!

Hey World,

Today’s prompt is:


So, I am going to just list them. Not all the facts are really that interesting but, they just said facts. Okay, here we go.

  1. I am Hispanic with El Salvador roots
  2. I was a wrestler in high school
  3. I love to read
  4. I am a little obsessed with soccer (USA national team and European soccer)
  5. I love music and try to go to concerts as much as I can
  6. Don’t really like brownies and most chocolate cakes
  7. I love learning
  8. I can cook, Specially BAKING!
  9. My favorite color is Blue and Gray
  10. I love S. Korean Dramas
  11. I’m an introvert that is secretly an in the closet extrovert (in my mind)
  12. I like traveling…but not alone.
  13. I like writing (blog post, stories, list, etc)
  14. I’m pretty loyal to those I love (so far my family and my bff)
  15. I’m a Foodie; I like to eat and try new foods.

SO, their you go. I hope this helps you learn a bit more about me. But, really what about you? Can you list 15 facts about yourself?




Day 14: Memories


memoriesHey World,

Memories, something you wish never to remember and some you wish you could go back in time to relive. I replay every memory in my head. The good, the bad, and the funny. So, going back, today’s question is,”What is your earliest memory?”

Gosh, this one is a bit hard because my earliest memory I’m not sure which one it is. They are a bit jumbled up. Not sure how old I was but here it goes. Let’s call it going to pre-school. So this memory takes place in Los Angeles, California. That is where i lived from age 1-8 before I moved to Arkansas (FYI I was born in Texas but according to my mom and dad they hated it there and moved to LA when I was 10 months).  So at I probably was like 4 or 5 and we lived in these duplex apartments. It was my mom and dad my two little sisters and me. My sisters where like 1 and 2. I remember the brown apartment their where several similar duplex next to ours. Their was a gate and our apartment was the one facing the street. This part is where I get a whole bit of memories that I can’t tell happen before or after this pre-K memory. I remember my mom and dad decorating the window facing the street with lights and a little hanging sign that probably said Merry Christmas or happy new years. Not sure if it was in Spanish or English. I get clips of one of our birthday parties and I am running around playing with the kids in a flowery dress. I also remember a Christmas where my sisters and I all had matching red dresses and my mom is taking picture of us. I also remember my mom and dad waking me up and taking me to the living room, with the rest of my family, to wait out the earthquake; that I apparently was sleeping through. I remember my dad taking a picture with his mechanic diploma in a yellow crew neck pull over. Anyways, back to the Pre-K memory.

My dad was the one that took me to sign up. I remember getting this pretty pink little mermaid backpack. I loved it I keep on holding on to it and wearing it. my dad took me by the hand and we walked to the pre-k. it was around the block. It use to be a church that got converted to a pre-school. It looked like a typical church. we walked a couple of blocks and we crossed the street. I don’t think I knew why we where taking a walk but I was happy and clueless. When we go to the little school their were already parents their waiting in line. I was (and still am) a shy did and when I saw a few kids playing I stuck close to my dad. Then I saw this little boy who looked like his face was burned up (later, way later I found out he had harlequin ichthyosis). I got scared of his looks and hid behind my dad. My dad looked down and asked me if I was scared. I said no but still hid behind him. Yeah, I was scared. Then it was our turn and the lady at little desk inside the school asked my dad a few things. I really don’t know what all went on but, I remember looking around. My dad took my backpack and I remember he put it on the desk and wrote my take across the top in big caps my name. Then he gave it back to me. So, that is one of the most complete earliest memories I have.

I remember a few clips of me being in the school. However, I get them confused with other memories that have me living in a white apartment building. I can’t really place my clips of memories in time order. So, what is your earliest memories? Think back you may be surprised.




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