Day 8: Satisfaction…

A moment you felt most satisfied in your life?

Hey world,

This one is going to be short. The answer is…(drum roll) never. I don’t want to talk about it.



Day 7: Toys, Toys, Toys

My favorite childhood toy?


Pig Rabbit love

Hey World,

First and foremost,  I wanted to let you know that I will only be posting on this challenge Monday – Friday. So a total of 5 days. That is why you haven’t seen any post. I posted 6 days in a row and life was getting in the way. I actually am the busiest on the weekends because I work  all weekend and hang out with my fam after.

So the question for today is childhood toy. Like all my prompts this one is hard because I didn’t have one. I have always remembered a  life with my two other sisters. My earliest memories are with my sisters in our little apartment with my parents in a low-income side of town in LA. That being said, we all shared and pass down our toys. My parents always provided the necessities but we where by far the riches or even middle class. We were raised in a strict home that almost rivaled the military. My dad was a military guy. We were taught at a young age not to ask for anything and when it they said “no” that was the end of it. One of my earliest memories was my parents telling us in the car before going to the store was “not to touch anything, don’t leave their side, don’t talk to strangers and to not to ask for anything.” If we did so help us god we where going to be punished. So as good little girls we followed the rules. They usually got  us some type of snack usually chips ( I know not healthy). My parents were not big sweet eaters so chips was always it. I think that is why we all snack so much and usually don’t eat sweets. Also, probably why we don’t have cavities.

Back to the toy situation. I remember always making stuff for my few dolls out of papers and leftover things. Bottle caps, paper, empty food containers (cereal box, cans, etc) where my materials; scissors and crayons my tools and my mind to create. I didn’t ever think about how I was poor or that other kids had more. I was happy in my own little world.

so I can’t really tell you I had a favorite toy but I can tell you I was happy with what I had. I was a little girl who loved her dolls and stuff animals and always loved hearing stories. Now i do have a favorite stuff animal. It’s a pig rabbit. It’s a cute white rabbit with a pig nose. So CUTE! I love seeing Korean dramas and one of them had that stuff animal. It came all the way from Asia and we have gone on many adventures. LOL! So what about you. Any favorite toy?



Day 6: Zodiac

Libra (September 23 - October 22)


 Strengths: Cooperative,diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social

Weaknesses: Indecisive, avoids confrontations, will carry a grudge, self-pity

Libra likes: Harmony, gentleness, sharing with others, the outdoors

Libra dislikes: Violence, injustice, loudmouths, conformity

People born under the sign of Libra are peaceful and fair, and they hate being alone. Partnership is very important for Libra -born, and with their victorious mentality and cooperation, they cannot stand to be alone. The Libra is an Air sign, with expressed intellect and a keen mind. They can be inspired by good books, insurmountable discussions and interesting people.

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, who is a lover of beautiful things, so the quality is always more important than the quantity for people born under the Libra sign. They are often surrounded by art, music and beautiful places. They are cooperative by nature, so they often work in teams.

Libra is fascinated by the balance and symmetry. Libra-born prefer justice and equality, and they cannot tolerate injustice. They avoid indulging in all types of conflicts and prefer to keep the peace, where this is possible. They like to do everything in pairs and not alone.

The biggest problem for Libra-born, is when they are forced to choose sides, because they are very indecisive and sometimes they forget that they have their own opinion.

Element: Air   Quality: Cardinal   Color: Blue, Green   Day: Friday  Ruler: Venus  Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Aquarius Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Aries    Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60  Date range: September 23 – October 22


Hey World,

So if you haven’t notice. I’m a Libra. I am sadly really like my zodiac sign. Like scary to the T like my sign. Crazy right. I’m also an introvert. A little proper. Also, shy. So theirs not really much I can say about this because it’s on point. Every part of it. Wait, there is one bit i will say. The whole marry an Aries be friends with a Gemini blah, blah, blah stuff. I don’t go around asking people their birthdays and looking up their zodiac signs and stuff. That is a waste of time and down right silly. I really don’t look into these things. I sort of was raised to believe all these things where witch craft. Now as an adult I may not believe that. However, I still don’t pay much attention to it. People are all different. We all change as we grow and mature. We are who we are. period. So, what about you guys. Have you looked up your sign? Are you surprise with the results?




Day 5: Food…yum


Hey World,

I feel like every topic is so hard for me to write about because I am so picky or don’t have just one. This one is hard because food is my kryptonite. I love cooking and baking and I sure like eating it. I love discovering new foods and I have a shelf full of cookbooks. So, comfort food…I can’t pick one. Goodness after those few sentences I feel I should go to the gym. LOL!

To begin, I love when my mom cooks. She has great taste in food. She can make great food and it always taste amazing. Now her baking is terrible. Please take away anything that gets her near an oven. She is a typical Salvadorian mom but she is adventures and not afraid to ask. She likes something you make she will hunt you down for the recipe. Actually, she will invite you to her home and buy all the ingredients and ask you to teach her how to make it. She will do it a few times, twink it to her liking (which usually ends up better) and wham she has a new dish! My favorites are her PUPUSAS. Man those things are amazing and no one has made them as good as her. Also, her Guisado is do die for. Let us not forget her Prijoles Charros. My mouth is salivating. These are one of my comfort food because it brings back good memories. Mom would always have diner ready after a long day at school. Also, everyone loved her cooking and I was so proud to have a mom that cooking was amazing.

Second, I really love Thai, Chinese, Southern, and Italian food. I discovered Thai when a good friend took me to a Thai place for my birthday. It changed my life and the life of my sisters. Why my sisters. They literally go once a week to our favorite Thai restaurant. They know them by name and my sisters know them by name. I on the other hand haven’t had Thai food in like 5 month. My stomach is a bit sensitive. Chinese is good but only when I crave it. Southern is something I want to learn how to make because it’s so good all the time. Now Italian would be an honor to learn how to cook really good. It is so complex at points but then so simple. I love it. I wish I could cook all of it. It all brings some type of comfort or memory.

Lastly, baking is a great love of mine. I may not stuff myself with it. I’m more of a savory eater then a sweet tooth. However, I love creating bake goods. Like I stated before my mom can’t bake to save her life. She knew this and because of it. We never had dessert. So all of us learn not to eat dessert or crave sweets for that matter.Spicy was are thing. So, I took it upon myself to learn to bake so that we would have some kind of dessert. Also, so that my future kids would know the pleasure of a sweet dessert.

So there are a lot of foods I find comfort but I find my greatest comfort and joy when I share my creations (food I’ve cooked or baked) with people. Seeing their face filled with I don’t know, with… yum.

So have you got a favorite comfort food?



Day 4: Religion?

Hey World,

Day four is here asking for my views on religion. So, I really don’t like religion. It’s a word that so many people have put in a little box and anything that doesn’t belong is not “in.” Many people have lived, died, killed, loved, destroyed, built, and so on and so forth for this word. However, in the end of the day it’s just a word society created to put a name to an act. A cookie cutter word. Hence, I do believe in God. Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I love them. It’s not religion or a set of specific rules, it’s a relationship. Jesus didn’t come and do all he did and teach all he did for us to not have a relationship with us. People take the relationship part from Jesus and replace it with religion. So yeah, once again, “Jesus is a relationship not a religion.”



Day 3: Pet Peeves

Hey World,

Day three is here and my prompt is m top 5 pet peeves. My sisters think this is funny because they say, everything makes me mad or tics me off. But there are a few that will put my nears on edge ASAP. So, here we go.

  1. Crunching/chewing on ice. Just thinking about it make me shiver. AHH! I hate that sound and it really gets me uncomfortable.
  2. Being ignored or left out. When  was little I was bullied by the “popular girls” I would notice kids not talking to me or avoiding me. I felt alone. Like I was on the outside looking through a window. I try to always involve people in conversation or activities and never leave people out because, I don’t want them to feel that way.
  3. Farting or burping in public. this makes me so mad when my siblings do this around the house. i tell them go to your room or the restroom. But in the family room when we are hanging out or in public. It’s so rude and disgusting.
  4. Nosy people: I don;t tell people much about me. You get snip tips of me and you know what I want you to know. So when people hover or ask to many questions it gets me so mad I get ugly sometimes.
  5. Misbehaving kids and the parents that do nothing (or think its cute)…enough said. You know, you see them at the supermarket and at the mall. GRRR!

So yeah those are some of my top pet peeves. What are yours?



Day 2: 10 Years later

Hey World,

Hope everyone is doing well. So, day two came and the writing prompt is, “where I’d like to be in 10 years.” this question is a hard one for me. I’m currently 26 years old and in ten years…I’ll be 36. Yikes!

Okay, so this is what I basically would like to be. I would like to be economically secured. I would like to have a home, family, and a career. Also, I would like leader in my community and in my church.

First, economically secured, goes hand in hand with my career. I would like to have graduated college and be what I studied for. A teacher. I want to have a class full of second graders. I want to help them be the best 2nd graders in the state. I want them to love learning and love reading. I also want to be secured in my income. I hate working paycheck to paycheck. I want to be wise with my money. Have a house, cars that are paid off and all the things I need for my home and family. Also, I want to do a lot of things.

Second, I would love to be happily married with the man God has for me. Also, I would love to be a mom. I want to have that feeling of having my baby grow inside. I want to see them grow. I want it all. Okay, now I’m getting sappy.

Third, I want to be a part of my community. Try to make our town a better place and fight for what its citizens needs. I also would like to be involved in my kids (classroom babies) life. I want to know their lives and their parents. i want to go see them at their games. Also, I want them to know I would be their for them if they needed help. In addition, I would like to be a vital part in my church. I don’t care to be a leader like, the pastor’s wife or the pastor of X but, I want to help in what ever role God wants me in.

So yeah, theirs a lot more but these are the top thing I really want to be doing in 10 years. what about you guys?



Day 1: relationship status

Hey World,

So day one of blogging challenge has arrived and I think this one is a biggie. Why? Well, I will warn you…I have a soap box on this topic. I am single.  I have been for a while and…I really like it that way. So, I think I should be honest about my relationship experience. I have only had one official boyfriend…that I broke up with after like a month or two. Maybe, I should go a little further than that.

I was raised in a very strict Christian home. I wasn’t allowed to do many things. I couldn’t talk on the phone to my friends. I couldn’t go to anyone’s home or they to ours. I wasn’t allowed to listen anything but Christian music and I was definitely not allowed to play with boys. It wasn’t proper. As a child, I just took things as they where. I didn’t know any different. I was happy and content to follow all the rules and I didn’t think beyond that day. My dad was happy. However, the day came when we all (by all I am including my 2 sisters) hit when we became teenagers. Lets just say that my dad’s little bubble of rightness deflated… slowly. I never dared defy my dad. His way or the highway. He was scary and he was (still is) the pastor of the church. His family was the example. Okay, I think you get the gist. Anyways, he never let us play with boys and never let any boys near us. So when I started to actually be attracted to boys. It was and still is a weird, unknown, awkward feeling. I really just didn’t know how to act around boys. I mainly have female friends.So in my one sole act of defiance I somehow got a boyfriend.

How? you may ask? Well, the old fashion way. I told my friend in complete confidence that I thought her friend X was cute. The next thing I knew she had wrote him a small note telling him is he wanted to go out with me because I liked him. I still bet embarrassed by this moment in my life. More like mortified. Okay, so that is how my got my first and only boyfriend. I sort of asked by dad if it was okay to have a boyfriend. Let’s just say the answer was no and he made sure everyone knew that the answer was no in his sermons for like a month. I being a sheep felt guilty about dating this guy finally broke up with him. We never did anything together. We were really getting to know each other and I was so naive and embarrassed by the whole situation that I  couldn’t even hold the poor boys hand. Remember I had never had any type of real interaction with the opposite sex.

So now you know the back story about my single life. However, now I will tell you about why I have remained single. Besides the obvious fact that no one has seriously pursued me. I have said no to several guys cause it wasn’t… right. I may not be as uptight as I was or as uptight as my dad but I still hold a lot of the thing I learned. I really got Jesus. To put it laymens terms. I really believe in Him and what he taught and I really love Him. Consequently, I really believe that He has one person for me. Someone he made just for me and I for him. I think and feel  that I shouldn’t waste my first’s in several guys when he is out their. I want him to be the first guy that I hold hands with, for him to have my first kiss with, to be the first person out side my family that I love and when we get married I want to have my first time to be with him. I know that is not what people normally do now a days. But I’m not your normal everyday kind of girl. So, yeah I’m single but truly I’m waiting. So what about you guys? What’s your relationship status? =)




P.S. Also, this dude is really going to have his work cut out for him because I’m not easy and then he would have to get through my family and they are a whole ‘nother story.

30 Day Challenge?

Hey world,

So, I am really bad about posting on my blog. I really should be more consistent. However, I’m not. So here is something I saw on Pinterest and I figured I would give it a try. This is what I saw. If you want to give it a try click on it and it will take you to the blog that made this. Anyways, Day one starts tomorrow. For me that is in 20 minutes. Goodnight,world.




don't own

Hey World,

Hope everyone is doing great! It’s been a long time but I wanted to write a post so you know I’m alive. This is a random one. So…I like the zoo. Yeah, I’m a young adult in her twenties and I really, really, really like going to the zoo. I mean really like it. Sigh, glad to take that off my chest.

So anyways, every time we (as in my sisters and I) go to a big city  and my lovely sisters ask, “Where do we go?” I always volunteer say, “let’s go to the zoo!” Most of the time my sisters humor me and take me to the zoo. However, it’s usually accompanied by moans and frowns until we get their. I on the other hand already planning what animal I want to see first. I really like the giraffes and then the tigers and lions and elephants and then all the other animals! I really like the lemurs but, I get a little freaked out with the apes. I think they are a little creepy. They watch you with so much emotion in their eyes…creepy.

I think what hits me most is how crazy different they are. I mean they are living creatures that look so crazy awesome. I guess sense they are not the norm in our country they seem so exotic (which they are). People don’t get to go to the zoo in other countries and see these beautiful creatures. My parents didn’t see any of these animals until they moved to the US and took us as kids. They knew of them but, never seen a living, breathing real life one. I remember as a kid my parents would take us to the zoo a lot. They enjoyed it as much as we did. My sisters was the monkey of us all. She would run up to the cage or enclosure and climb up it. If she could I bet she would of jumped over and tried to pet the animals. But, my parents would always catch her before she did something stupid. I don’t think she remembers any of that. I still do.

What brought my confession and my memories of the zoo was actually a trip to Branson. My sister and I where really wanting a day off and we headed out to Branson. We where debating on where to go and I, of course, said the zoo. This happen after my Silver Dollar City suggestion got shot down. I’m actually the only one in the whole family that likes theme park rides (go figure). As we got near the city she glance at me and said, “Chely, seriously where are we going? I take you to the zoo but don’t ever ask me again to go their with you again.” I looked at her and I finally decided yeah, we will go to the zoo another time. I told her fine we will go shopping instead but, we would go to the Memphis zoo next time and see the Pandas and eat some good bar-b-q after (she doesn’t like bar-b-q but the rest of my family does. Winning!). She sigh and we drove to the mall.

Like I said totally random and without a point. But, I Aracely, like going to the zoo!



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Sir Isaac Newton

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

William Shakespeare

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."


"Dance as though no one is watching, Love as though you never been hurt, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth."